Nintendo Virtual Boy FAQ


Everything you wanted to know about the Virtual Boy,
but were afraid to ask.

Latest Revision : 09/20/2000

Table of Contents :

I. Nintendo Virtual Boy Game Paks (releases)
II. The Rumor Mill (planned)
III. Frequent Asked Questions (& Answers)
IV. Bibliography (VB literature)
V. Easter Eggs (hidden stuff)
VI. Levels & Objects (3-D Tetris)
VII. Passwords (cheats)
VIII. How to play Japan Only Titles (translations)
IX. Peripherals (& accessories)



title version mfgr comments
3-D TETRIS USA Nintendo 3-Dimensional Tetris
GALACTIC PINBALL JAPAN Nintendo Pinball collection
GALACTIC PINBALL USA Nintendo Pinball collection
GOLF USA Nintendo same as T&E Virtual Golf
INSMOUSE … Read the rest

Vectrex FAQ

Vectrex “Frequently Asked Questions” List!
Created: 9/1/92 – version 4.0
Copyright worldwide (c) 1992, 1996
Created Gregg Woodcock (
Maintained by BaronVR (

(duhn duht duhn duht … duhn duht duhn dit dut)

This file is copyrighted (c) 1996 by Gregg Woodcock but may be
distributed in part or in whole by anyone for any purpose (commercial or
otherwise) provided proper credit is given to me and the individual
contributors. If you do use the FAQ, I would appreciate it if you send
me a copy of whatever you are doing with it. Special thanks to Tom
Sloper for correcting many mistakes and providing insightful
explanations on several parts of earlier FAQ versions!

Additions for version 5.0 and after are Read the rest

Odyssey FAQ

** The Ultimate Odyssey^2 and Odyssey^3 FAQ **
** **
** by Robert D. Kaiser **
** **
** **
** **
** Version 5/12/99 **
** **
** Odyssey2 Philips G7000 and G7200 **
** **
** Odyssey3 Command Center Philips Videopac + G7400 **

* In the Beginning *

Our story begins back in 1966 with Ralph Baer, a manager in
Sanders Associates, a military electronics company which had a home
consumer division. Baer came up with the idea of using electronics
to create a videogame that could be played on home television sets.
The management at Sanders approved of this project, and so with two
other engineers he began work on … Read the rest

Nintendo NES FAQ

/ _______ / / / |
/_/______ /_/ / / |
| |_______| | | | /
| _ _ | | | /

by Martin Nielsen (Author of NES WORLD)

Released : 8th October 1997


This FAQ is an independent publication, offered free of charge by
NES WORLD. The information in this FAQ is provided without any warranty,
written or otherwise. The author or any of the individual contributors
will not assume any responsibility for the acuracy of the information in
this FAQ.

Please note that there are personal oppinions in this FAQ.

You’re more than welcome to contribute with any information which
can improve this FAQ, and ofcourse … Read the rest

Intellivision FAQ

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ColecoVision FAQ

ColecoVision FAQ

Version 4.1


Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2005 Martijn Wenting, Kevin Bowen, Thomas J. Crugnale, Joseph M. Huber and James Carter

All rights reserved. This document may be copied, in whole or in part, by any means provided the copyright and contributors sections remain intact and no fee is charged for the information. Contributors retain the copyright to their individual contributions.

The data contained herein is provided for informational purposes only. No warranty is made with regards to the accuracy of the information.

Additional contributions always welcome! Please mail additional information, opinions, and comments to:

Martijn Wenting –

Last update: January 24, 2006


Revision History:

Version 4.10:


Lots of small updates:

  • Enhanced the HTML version
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Atari 5200 FAQ

Atari 5200 FAQ

Version 3.3
April 09, 2001

Maintained by Keita Iida
assisted by John Hardie

Send additions/comments/corrections/suggestions to:

Copyright (c) 1996-2001 by Keita Iida, Atari Gaming Headquarters
and others where noted.  This file may be reproduced, in whole
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and no fee is charged for the information.

The data contained herein is provided for information purposes only.
No warranty is made with regards to the accuracy of this information.

* Where to get the latest copy of the Atari 5200 FAQ *

ASCII (plain text) version:

HTML version (for easy navigation)

Usenet newsgroups where this … Read the rest

Atari 2600 FAQs

Atari 2600 FAQs

Last updated January 10th, 2003.
WARNING – many links may not actually work now.
An OLDER VERSION Feb 20th 1999
can be found on my old Atari page here:


What information is missing from the FAQ?
Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?


What Usenet groups discuss or are relevant to the 2600?
Are there any mailing lists that discuss the 2600?
Where can I find cart lists?
What magazines cover the 2600?
What magazines covered the 2600 in the 80s?
What books cover the 2600?
Any there any videos that cover the 2600?
Where can I view Atari TV commercials?
Where can I view Atari print advertisements?
What is irc, Read the rest

Intellivision Patches

Intellivision Patches

These prices are from ACTUAL SALES, not asking prices. Last update is 11-17-2014
Again these are SOLD Prices not Asking Prices

Beamrider Beamriders
Dreadnaught Factor Dreadnaught Destroyer
Happy Trails Trailblazers Angled
Pitfall! Explorer’s Club
River Raid River Raider
Stampede Trail Drive $200
Worm Whomper Worm Whompers $19.00
Read the rest

Colecovision patches

Colecovision patches

These prices are from ACTUAL SALES, not asking prices. Last update is 11-17-2014
Again these are SOLD Prices not Asking Prices

Beamrider Beamriders $14
Decathlon Gold
Decathlon Silver
Decathlon Bronze
H.E.R.O. Order of the H.E.R.O.
Keystone Kapers Billy Club $25
Pitfall! Explorer’s Club
Pitfall 2 Cliff Hangers
River Raid River Raiders $25
Trailblazer Trailblazer $10-18
Zenji Rumored to exist?
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