Vic-20 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

VIC-20 Classic Game & Home Computing System

Release 2b (Ver 1.3) July 1997
Copyright 1997 Ward Shrake


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What I want in exchange for my generosity is your respectful treatment. I
have worked very hard on reviving this “dead” computer system. I hope that
you’ll do all you can to insure I get the credit I have … Read the rest

Commodore 64 FAQ

Commodore 64 FAQ

[1] C64.COM
[1.1] What is C64.COM?
[1.2] Who are the people behind C64.COM?
[1.3] Why are you doing this?
[1.4] What services are you providing?
[1.5] How was C64.COM born?
[1.6] How can I find my favourite piece of software?
[1.7] Why some ZIPs I downloaded contain many versions of the game?
[1.8] Can’t I just download all the software at once?
[1.9] Is it possible to get some kind of instructions with the games?
[1.10] Can you write or publish an article about this-and-this topic?
[1.11] How can I help out with the site?
[1.12] Can I send you original C64 software with box, manual and everything?
[1.13] Can I send you disk images of my … Read the rest