Atari 5200 FAQ

Atari 5200 FAQ

Version 3.3
April 09, 2001

Maintained by Keita Iida
assisted by John Hardie

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5200 Activision Patches

Activision Patches

These prices are from ACTUAL SALES, not asking prices. Last update is 10-19-2020
Again these are SOLD Prices not Asking Prices

ATARI 5200 patches

Beamrider Beamriders
Decathlon Gold
Decathlon Silver
Decathlon Bronze
Dreadnaught Factor Dreadnaught Destroyer $14-16
H.E.R.O. Order of the H.E.R.O.
Kaboom! Bucket Brigade $20
Kaboom! Million
Megamania Megamaniacs $75
Pitfall! Explorer’s Club $12
Pitfall 2 Cliff Hangers
River Raid River Raiders $25
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle Pilot $45
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle Commander $40

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