The Complete Guide to Electronic Games

by Howard Blumenthal
1981 and 309 pages

Get THIS VERSION – there are tons of B/W photos.
There is another version with a different cover – that one is not as good.

This is another good book

The focus in this book is mostly Handheld games
like what is shown on the cover.
Over 170 games.
By I LOVE collecting old handheld games..

Each game is described and the price is listed.
Also each gets a rated and recommendation.

Rarity level: Very Rare
Value $20 and up
Information Level: A+
One of the FEW books with the focus on Handhelds

You can find this online at:

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Atari 2600 WATA Games Prices

These are SOLD Prices and NOT asking prices from Ebay

Atari 2600 WATA Games Prices – Maintained by:
Retro Gaming Channel –
Titles Grade Price Date
No Seal
No Factory Seal
Updated 6-2022
Armor Ambush 8.5 A+ $109.99 Aug 2021
Asteroids 7 $113.50 Aug 2021 NS
Asteroids 7.5 $109.99 Jun 2021 NS
Bank Heist 9.6 $599.95 Jul 2021 NS
Bank Heist 8.5 $153.00 Apr 2022 NS
Battlezone 9.4 A+ $243.50 Sept 2021
BMX Airmaster 8.5 A+ $102.50 Jun 2021
Boxing 9.2 A+ $349.95 Jul 2021
Burgertime 8.0 A+ $156.00 Apr 2022
Burgertime 8.0 A+ $120.00 Aug 2021
Burgertime 9.6 A++ $689.99 Jul 2021
Cabbage Patch Kids 9 $449.00 Sept 2021 NS
Chopper Command 8.0 A+ $225.00 Jul 2021
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2600 Label Variations

The Giant List of 2600 Label Variations
**** Version 6.0 ****

John Earney

This list and the nomenclature herein copyright 1993-7 by John Earney.

Special thanks to Craig Pell for allowing me to add my label variations
to his awesome list of 2600 carts. He has added quite a few carts
to his list since version 6.5 (which is what this list is based on).
for an updated list (and other cool stuff) check out Craig’s
WWW home page at:
or you can contact him via E-mail at:

Major Contrubutors:
Chris Bartz
Scott Stone
David Sutherland
Steve Reed (that’s ME!)
Tony Rice

Other Contrubutors:
Bernard Schmitz
Robert Bartz … Read the rest