Atari 2600 WATA Games Prices

These are SOLD Prices and NOT asking prices from Ebay

Titles Grade Price Date
No Seal
No Factory Seal
Updated 9-19-21
Armor Ambush 8.5 A+ $109.99 Aug 2021
Asteroids 7 $113.50 Aug 2021 NS
Asteroids 7.5 $109.99 Jun 2021 NS
Bank Heist 9.6 $599.95 Jul 2021 NS
Battlezone 9.4 A+ $243.50 Sept 2021
BMX Airmaster 8.5 A+ $102.50 Jun 2021
Boxing 9.2 A+ $349.95 Jul 2021
Burgertime 8.0 A+ $120.00 Aug 2021
Burgertime 9.6 A++ $689.99 Jul 2021
Cabbage Patch Kids 9 $449.00 Sept 2021 NS
Chopper Command 8.0 A+ $225.00 Jul 2021
Commando 7.0 A++ $96.00 Jun 2021
Defender (BLUE) 8 $192.50 Sept 2021 NS
Defender (BLUE) 8 $117.50 Sept 2021 NS
Demon Attack 9.2 A+ $199.99 Sept 2021
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2600 Label Variations

The Giant List of 2600 Label Variations
**** Version 6.0 ****

John Earney

This list and the nomenclature herein copyright 1993-7 by John Earney.

Special thanks to Craig Pell for allowing me to add my label variations
to his awesome list of 2600 carts. He has added quite a few carts
to his list since version 6.5 (which is what this list is based on).
for an updated list (and other cool stuff) check out Craig’s
WWW home page at:
or you can contact him via E-mail at:

Major Contrubutors:
Chris Bartz
Scott Stone
David Sutherland
Steve Reed (that’s ME!)
Tony Rice

Other Contrubutors:
Bernard Schmitz
Robert Bartz … Read the rest

Vic-20 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

VIC-20 Classic Game & Home Computing System

Release 2b (Ver 1.3) July 1997
Copyright 1997 Ward Shrake


This entire document is a copyrighted work owned by Ward F. Shrake. All
rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Ward F. Shrake.

You may distribute this document freely under the conditions that (A) it
is transmitted to all parties unmodified and (B) in its entirety. No
renumeration may be accepted for this, by anyone other than the author.

What I want in exchange for my generosity is your respectful treatment. I
have worked very hard on reviving this “dead” computer system. I hope that
you’ll do all you can to insure I get the credit I have … Read the rest

Mattel Aquarius FAQ

The Mattel Aquarius F.A.Q.
Version Aqua.01 – August 2000
Created by Fred Horvat
Maintained by Sly D.C.

This F.A.Q. is based on the Mattel Aquarius made by Fred Horvat.
Since it wasn’t updated since ???, i sent an e-mail to Fed asking him
if he would do an update soon or if i could maintained his FAQ. Well
sad to say that my e-mail was sent back to me saying that his e-mail
couldn’t be delivered since his account was an user unknow.

So i decided to maintain his FAQ until i hear from him, hope that he
doesn’t mind…(and the new look!).

O.K.,Here’s the legal stuff: Copyright(c) 2000, Fred Horvat and
Sylvain De Chantal.

All rights reserved. This … Read the rest

Commodore 64 FAQ

Commodore 64 FAQ

[1] C64.COM
[1.1] What is C64.COM?
[1.2] Who are the people behind C64.COM?
[1.3] Why are you doing this?
[1.4] What services are you providing?
[1.5] How was C64.COM born?
[1.6] How can I find my favourite piece of software?
[1.7] Why some ZIPs I downloaded contain many versions of the game?
[1.8] Can’t I just download all the software at once?
[1.9] Is it possible to get some kind of instructions with the games?
[1.10] Can you write or publish an article about this-and-this topic?
[1.11] How can I help out with the site?
[1.12] Can I send you original C64 software with box, manual and everything?
[1.13] Can I send you disk images of my … Read the rest

Atari 7800 FAQ

Atari 7800 FAQ
This FAQ is an evolving document. If you have any additions, suggestions or corrections, please email us.

Last modified on January 11, 2011.

What cartridges exist for the 7800?
How much are 7800 games worth?
What power supply does the 7800 use and where can I get one?
What power supply does the European 7800 use?
Will Atari 2600 games work on the 7800?
Will 7800 games work on the 2600?
Are 7800 and 5200 games compatible in any way?
Where can I find an Atari 7800 console or games?
What are the different 7800 models?
What types of clones exist?
Are there any emulators for the 7800?
What 7800 hardware was announced, but never … Read the rest