Atari 7800 FAQ

Atari 7800 FAQ
This FAQ is an evolving document. If you have any additions, suggestions or corrections, please email us.

Last modified on January 11, 2011.

What cartridges exist for the 7800?
How much are 7800 games worth?
What power supply does the 7800 use and where can I get one?
What power supply does the European 7800 use?
Will Atari 2600 games work on the 7800?
Will 7800 games work on the 2600?
Are 7800 and 5200 games compatible in any way?
Where can I find an Atari 7800 console or games?
What are the different 7800 models?
What types of clones exist?
Are there any emulators for the 7800?
What 7800 hardware was announced, but never … Read the rest