2600 Label Variations

The Giant List of 2600 Label Variations
**** Version 6.0 ****

John Earney

This list and the nomenclature herein copyright 1993-7 by John Earney.

Special thanks to Craig Pell for allowing me to add my label variations
to his awesome list of 2600 carts. He has added quite a few carts
to his list since version 6.5 (which is what this list is based on).
for an updated list (and other cool stuff) check out Craig’s
WWW home page at:
or you can contact him via E-mail at:

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Atari 2600 FAQs

Atari 2600 FAQs

Last updated January 10th, 2003.
WARNING – many links may not actually work now.
An OLDER VERSION Feb 20th 1999
can be found on my old Atari page here: http://steverd.com/faqs/2600faq.htm


What information is missing from the FAQ?
Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?


What Usenet groups discuss or are relevant to the 2600?
Are there any mailing lists that discuss the 2600?
Where can I find cart lists?
What magazines cover the 2600?
What magazines covered the 2600 in the 80s?
What books cover the 2600?
Any there any videos that cover the 2600?
Where can I view Atari TV commercials?
Where can I view Atari print advertisements?
What is irc, Read the rest

2600 Activision Patches

Activision Patches

These prices are from ACTUAL SALES, not asking prices. Last update is 10-19-2020
Again these are SOLD Prices not Asking Prices
WARNING – there are Reproductions on eBay now


Barnstorming Flying Aces $20
Beamrider Beamrider $25
Chopper Command Chopper Commandos $10.00
Crackpots Crackpots $18.00
Decathlon Gold
Decathlon Silver
Decathlon Bronze $15-20
Dolphin Friends of the Dophins $32-40
Dolphin Secret Society of the Dolphins $50-60
Dragster World Class Dragster Club $10-13
Enduro Roadbusters $25
Freeway Save the Chicken Foundation $25
Frostbite Frostbite Baileys Artcic Architects $40-60
Grand Prix Grand Prix Driving Team $20
H.E.R.O. Order of the H.E.R.O. $280


Ice Hockey All-Star Hockey Team $15
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